work 2018

Postcard from home, Humlebæk, Denmark.(Old postoffice changing rooms)

Two almost similar rooms are showing work in situ.

double double, Lycra, wood, various materials like clothes and robe, paint.

Decembristerne, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning.

Lycra, wood various found material, pitchforks, rope.

500x200x200 cm.

wall object: harrow, lycra.

In my way, Øregård Museum, Hellerup, Copenhagen.

Hanging sculpture: lycra, wood, paint, rope, thread.

wall pieces: Second hand chipboard, household paint.

floor piece: Downspout, various found materials, lycra.

Surface Matters, Fold Gallery London.(with Olivia Bax) Lycra, wood, various elements like fabric, string, thread, toys, plastic.

dimensions : 250 x 130 x120 cm

Summer sculpture, Ærø, Denmark.

more in one, 2018,

120x150x100 cm

Alu, Lycra, wood

Villa for Ragna og Franka, Esbjerg Kunstmuseum and Kastrupgaard, Kastrup.

Lycra, wood, hardboard, rope, 400 x 250x200 cm. 2017/18

Så længe lager haves, 2018. Galleri Specta.

Masonite, paint, wood. 30x15 cm